Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Discover what awaits you…

Glacier National Park is clearly one of the biggest reasons to visit the Flathead Valley.  Just an hour’s drive from Bigfork, it is described as the “Crown Jewel of the Continent”.  Open to visitors since the early 1900’s, this vast ecosystem is home to 272 bird species, 62 different mammals, 23 fish species, and 8 amphibians/reptiles, not even counting the vast numbers of trees, shrubs and wildflowers.  It hosts the largest population of Grizzly Bears in the North American continent — more than 300 according to park biologists.  With over 730 miles of trails,  175 mountains, and 762 lakes, it would take years to ever feel and say that you really know Glacier National Park.

“The average visitor spends three to four days in the area, although you easily could fill a week with activities in the park.”

~Park Ranger

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